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Ours is the best and most reliable concrete cutting & sawing services in Brisbane.

Concrete cutting & sawing

Urban Concrete Cutting is your go-to service for cutting and sawing services across Brisbane and the greater South East Queensland area. We have the experience and the latest state-of-art machinery to ensure we deliver to our customers an exact and consistent concrete cutting project in a timeline that works for our customers.


We have the experience and training to complete any cutting or sawing project with competence, and we have seen it all. So when you need an innovative solution to a unique problem, then we can bring our expertise for the best outcomes in your project.


Our hand saws and ring saws are the perfect solutions for concrete sawing in areas with limited access, or conditions with poor ventilation .


Contact Urban Concrete Cutting for a free quote and site visit, so you get exactly the solution you need.

Our concrete sawing service

At Urban Concrete Cutting we have a range of hand saws and ring saws for any indoor concrete cutting. Safety is our top priority, so you have assurances that our on-site crews work to the high health and safety standards that you would expect from professional contractors that work on dozens of worksites across Brisbane and the great South East Queensland. No job is too big or too small, with our skilled team of concrete cutters being able to cut anything from 100mm to one metre thick.

All crew have all the safety equipment necessary, are trained in workplace health and safety and first aid, have site certificates and are qualified in the use of the machinery. We want to reduce the risk as much as possible to ensure we offer a workplace solution not to add to the problems.

Our concrete cutting service is designed to work with you on your job site through flexibility and consistency. When we see concrete we use water to reduce the amount of dust and noise, so other workers on the site can get on with their jobs. We can also work flexible hours negotiated with our customers so as not to disrupt the project’s timeline.

If you want a safe and consistent concrete cutting service that is flexible enough to integrate with your job site quickly and effectively, contact Urban Concrete Cutting for a free site inspection.

Why choose us?

Professional Finish


Our crews have been cutting and removing concrete at hundreds of worksites across Brisbane and the greater South East Queensland for more than a decade. We’ve seen and done it all, so can bring an innovative problem-solving approach to your next concrete cutting project.

State-of-the-art equipment

We use the latest cutting technologies, so you are ensured to get precise work done every time. Our dustless saws mean that we can work indoors or in confined spaces without increasing the risk and discomfort to us or other workers on the site.

Safety first

Our site visits allow us to do a risk assessment before we start cutting concrete. With our staff safety training, machinery maintenance and regulatory approvals, you can have peace of mind that our concrete cutting solutions don’t become another problem.

Customer service standard

Fast response

We know the first question you want to answer is “when can it be done?” And our team is small enough to work with you to get it done quickly.

Results focused

It doesn’t matter if it’s a residential driveway or a massive construction project. Urban Concrete Cutting puts in the work and innovative solutions to ensure that you get the results you want from a cutting service.

Client satisfaction

Our mission statement, which is the backbone of all our concrete cutting services, is focused on client satisfaction. We want to ensure that our service works seamlessly with your operation and the results meet your high expectations.

Value for Money


Urban Concrete Cutting offers risk-free quotes, and not large projects a free site inspection to ensure there are no nasty surprises.

Competitive Price

Our family-owned company is based in South East Queensland, so while we are big enough to handle large sites for the construction industry but small enough to offer value for money.

Call Urban Concrete Cutting to experience a different level of service and expertise that adds value to your worksite.

Professional finish

Near enough is not good enough when you want concrete cut while maintaining the appearance and structural integrity of the concrete slabs or walls. Our concrete cutters are precision machinery that is kept in peak conditions so that when we are on-site we’re ready to do the job right and in a timely manner so you can get on with your project. 

We are always professional whether we are cutting a concrete driveway or cutting an entrance into a concrete wall at an industrial site, for a roller door or installing refrigerated cold rooms. We put as much care and precision into every cut we make. 

It’s why we are the ones to call in if you want a concrete sawing solution from Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast.

Concrete cutting can be hazardous with a potentially dangerous piece of equipment, so you need an expert who understands the risk and knows how to operate saws safely for the operator and other workers on the site.

At Urban Concrete Cutting one of our core values is efficiency in our service while not compromising on quality and safety. Contact us and find out what this means for your next project.

Our customer service standard

Our customer-focused service aims to bring the best expertise and latest machinery in concrete cutting to your project. We value customer satisfaction and believe that an innovative approach helps customers to realise their goals and contributes to successful outcomes, That is why we offer a free site visit before committing you to the project. 

We know clients want concrete and core drilling done fast without adding risk to a project. 

The key to customer satisfaction is to deliver the project on time and provide solutions. That is why we have a flexible service and the machinery for almost any situation, including wall sawing in confined spaces. We can also include concrete demolition and removal and use our expertise in asphalt and brick sawing. Do you use ground penetrating radar to ensure you don’t damage infrastructure?

Contact us and give our customer service the test with your next concrete sawing project.

Value for money

We are large enough to tackle a complex concrete cutting project on a construction site and small enough to cut up that driveway. Our flexibility means we can save you money, and give you value in your next concrete sawing project. We also have all the equipment you will ever need so there is no chance of a cost blowout or delays to seek out another contractor.

When and where?

Urban Concrete Cutting work crews are completely mobile to respond to that urgent job at short notice. So when you want a quote or site visit we have experienced, friendly staff already on the road. We provide concrete drilling services across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. We will also provide concrete cutting services in Northern New South Wales (NSW).

“How quick can the concrete cutting be done?” is usually the first and most relevant question when our customers get in touch. As soon as we have received a request the free site inspection is our top priority usually carried out within. a few days. Once we have inspected a site we will provide details and an accurate timetable based on your needs and accessibility. We are transparent so you can make project decisions with all the information at hand.

An example of concrete cutting by urban concrete cutting

Risk-free – Free site inspection and quote

Urban Concrete Cutting is so confident in its competitive pricing, that we will offer a free no obligation quote and site inspection. The site inspection ensures your quote and schedule are as accurate as the drilling. A site visit is an important part of the process as there needs to be an assessment of the quality of the concrete, and the necessary work to deliver solutions for our clients, 

We take the guesswork out of your concrete cutting and drilling solutions. So if you have residential projects, commercial projects or industrial projects in South East Queensland and need a concrete drilling solution, then contact Urban Concrete Cutting for a risk-free assessment. It’s all part of our customer satisfaction guarantee, and all works are fully accredited and insured, no matter the scope and size of the project. 

Get in Touch for a Free Quote & Site Inspection.

We’ll complete a free site inspection and quote for you before we commence work.

Cutting a slab by Urban Concreting