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Keep structures intact with our concrete joint sealing in Brisbane.

Concrete Joint Sealing Brisbane

With Urban Concrete Cutting, you get the best concrete joint sealing Brisbane has to offer. Concrete slabs are typically connected by joints. These joints require maintenance as water and foreign liquids can seep into these and cause issues. Joint sealing maintains these joints and keeps them intact.

  • Minimise Moisture Infiltration

  • Protect Joints and reduce spalls

  • Prolong Concrete Lifespan


Concrete Joint Sealing Brisbane

Get the best concrete joint sealing Brisbane has to offer. Urban Concrete Cutting is a team of professional joint sealing contractors that always guarantees great results.

Despite concrete’s serious durability and strength, it’s hugely susceptible to water damage, cracking and eroding. We seal the joints in the concrete to prevent this water damage and erosion and keep your concrete safe from serious structural damage. We can seal joints on the surface of the concrete or beneath it.

Soff Cutting/Early Entry Cutting

We can control any changes or expansions within your concrete using an early entry saw, also known as soff cutting. This is where we cut the concrete before it’s totally dry and set, and it means we establish control over the concrete’s surface and appearance in a safe manner.

Concrete Joint Sealing Services Brisbane

As one of the top contractors offering the most reliable concrete joint sealing services Brisbane and surrounds have seen, we’ll take care of your property’s expansion joints with great results.

Concrete is certainly one of the strongest construction materials — however, given its organic nature, sometimes either pre-emptive or reactive joint sealing is needed to keep its aesthetic appearance and optimal structural integrity intact. By getting the timing right — either during the curing process, or over the lifespan of the concrete — we can salvage most concrete through our joint sealing process and keep it perfectly intact.

Structural Concrete Repairs 

We can also repair structural damage within your concrete or your expansion joints. Using joint sealing, epoxy repairs, and other concrete repairing techniques, we’ll keep your concrete in quality condition.

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