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Concrete Drilling Brisbane

We’re the first choice for concrete drilling and core drilling services across Brisbane and South East Queensland because of our reputation, safety standards and results. When you are looking for concrete drilling to help solve a problem, you want a service that strives to find innovative solutions, and never becomes part of the problem.

Our experienced drillers and cutters have worked in the industry for more than a decade, and our latest state-of-the-art equipment delivers for our clients, whether you are a home builder or represent a major construction project.

We have some of the latest equipment available to ensure our customers get the accuracy and precision they need from a concrete drilling service..

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Our drilling service

At Urban Concrete Cutting, we can do floor, wall and even inverted drilling safely and to a high standard, as you would expect from a professional contractor. We are flexible and can drill holes that are 10mm to 1000mm in diameter through concrete, bitumen or brick with precision using only top-quality diamond-core drill bits. 

Urban Concrete Cutting’s concrete drilling service is suitable for;

  • installation of electrical cable, to install lights, security, data cables etc
  • installation of plumbing and piping
  • installation of drainage systems

Most of the work we do is in tight spaces, so we can also do inverted drilling when access to the concrete is restricted. Our precision will allow you to better install the pipes, cables and conduits without compromising the integrity of the wall or floor.

Safety is our number one priority so all drilling of a concrete surface is done with the equipment secured into place. This is also key to maintaining a precise hole in the concrete.

To find out more about Urban Concrete Cutting’s comprehensive professional service then give us a call. 

Why choose us?

Accurate and precise work


With more than a decade of experience in the building industry, our concrete drilling team has seen it all and has always delivered.

State-of-the-art equipment

We use the latest drilling and cutting technologies, so you are assured to get precise work done every time.

Safety first

We exceed the workplace safety standard and also do risk assessments during our site visits, before even picking up a tool. It’s to give you peace of mind and ensure your drilling solution doesn’t become another problem.

Customer service standard

Fast response

When you contact Urban Concrete Cutting you know your work is a priority. We can work to a site schedule that suits you.

Results focused

You tell us what you need, then we will start drilling to deliver and no job is too big or small. We have innovative ideas, and the equipment that’s up to the job, so you won’t be waiting.

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction is part of Urban Concrete Cutting’s mission statement and central to what we do. It has helped us to continue to be the go-to concrete drilling service across Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Value for Money


We will give you a free no-obligation quote only after a site visit to give you the confidence that we can deliver the solution you need.

Competitive Price

Our family-owned company is based in South East Queensland, so while we are big enough to handle large sites for the construction industry but small enough to offer value for money.

Call Urban Concrete Cutting now for the professional and customer-focused service you need on your job site.

Accurate and precise work

Our core drilling professionals use the latest technology to ensure your drill holes are done to the required depth with the depth control bar. The drill bit is maintained and replaced regularly to ensure they are operating at peak performance. We value our equipment maintenance because it not only helps with accuracy but it also can save time. 

We have specialised equipment to ensure that we have the right concrete drill for the project, including equipment from reliable, reputable manufacturers like:

  • Husqvarna
  • Hilti
  • Weka

It’s no good to just have the right equipment if you don’t have the skills to use it. The crews at Urban Concrete Cutting have more than a decade of experience in cutting and drilling all sorts of concrete, bitumen and brick. As they say, urban areas are concrete jungles and we have spent years exploring and working in them.

Call now to get a free site inspection so we can get started on concrete drilling with a professional finish.

Our customer service standard

Urban Concrete Cutting customer service standards are based on client-focus delivery of service. That is why we value customer satisfaction when visiting sites and discussing the needs of our clients. We know clients want concrete and core drilling done fast without adding risk to a project. 

That’s why we employ safe work practices at all our sites. We work to the highest standards, so you can be sure that our workers or site take safety as seriously as you do. All Urban Concrete Drilling workers have all required safety equipment, including safety goggles.

Contact us now to give our customer service the test with your next concrete drilling project.

Value for money

Urban Concrete Drilling is large enough to tackle almost any concrete drilling project, but also small enough for personal service and support which can respond quickly and efficiently. Our commitment to you is to provide accurate, and professional concrete drilling services in a timely manner. That is to say we’re quick, thanks to the expertise of our drillers and operators, and the quality of the equipment that we use in our jobs.

You get everything you need from a professional contractor, without hurting your hip pocket. With our free quotes and site visits, you can be assured of what you are getting for your money before we start drilling holes.

When and where?

Urban Concrete Cutting work crews are completely mobile to respond to that urgent job at short notice. So when you want a quote or site visit, then we have experienced, friendly staff already on the road. We provide concrete drilling services across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. 

We know that our clients’ first question is “how quick can it be done” without compromising on the accuracy and the quality of the job. We know that in most cases you need concrete drilling done now to keep on your project’s timeline. 

That’s why, as part of our commitment to service standards, reliability and consistency are core to our concrete drilling services. Once we have received an enquiry we will schedule a free site visit as soon as possible to assess the size and scope of the work required. 

We then give you an accurate timeframe for the work, so you can make informed decisions about workflow, and manage other elements of the project. We work with our clients to keep the projects on track and you are never delayed.

An example of concrete core drilling by urban concrete cutting

Risk-free – Free site inspection and quote

Urban Concrete Cutting is so confident in its competitive pricing, that we will offer a free no obligation quote and site inspection. The site inspection makes sure your quote and schedule is as accurate as the drilling. A site visit is an important part of the process as there needs to be an assessment of the quality of the concrete, and the necessary work to deliver solutions for our clients, 

We take the guesswork out of your concrete cutting and drilling solutions. So if you have residential projects, commercial projects or industrial projects in South East Queensland and need a concrete drilling solution, then contact Urban Concrete Cutting for a risk-free assessment. It’s all part of our customer satisfaction guaranteed, and all works are fully accredited and insured, no matter the scope and size of the project.

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Concrete core drilling services in Brisbane being carrried out